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JS3000 Concrete Mixer

Theoretical Capacity:150-180m3/h
Total Power:113kw
Applicable Scenarios:Belt conveyor
Applicable Materials:4m*2.6m*2.5m

JS3000 concrete mixer is 3 cubic meters per discharge, also known as 3-square concrete mixer, the cycle time is 60S, 180 mixing plant host used by the machine, JS3000 forced mixer is a kind of concrete mixing machinery belonging to the large model, providing supporting host, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated components plants and highways, bridges, water conservancy, docks and other large industrial and civil construction projects.

JS3000 forced concrete mixer (3 square concrete mixer) has the dual advantages of stand-alone operation and 180 concrete mixing plant with PLD series batching machine. 3000 double horizontal shaft forced mixer is a forced, high-efficiency equipment, which can produce a variety of concrete such as plastic and dry hard concrete.

Item Unit Parameter
Charging Capacity L 4800
Discharging Capacity L 3000
Min. Productivity m3 /h 150
Max Size of Aggregate (Pebble/Macadam) mm 80/60
Power of Lubricate Electromotor kw 0.06
Power of Hydraulic Device Electromotor kw 2.2
Overall  Dimension ( L x W x H) mm 3990×2600×1700
Overall Weight kg 11450
Mixing Blade Quantity   2×10
Rev r/min 21.85
Mixing Electromotor Type   Y280M-6
Power kw 55×2



1. Even mixing
JS3000 mixer barrel several groups of stirring blades are staggered, so that the mixture in the barrel to get full, fast, uniform mixing; three-dimensional boiling intense mixing, effectively avoid the traditional mixer easy to “hold the shaft” problem.

2. Automatic grease lubrication
JS3000 mixer lubrication system adopts electric pump centralized oil lubrication, lubricated by electric grease pump through the progressive distributor; high grease pressure, high viscosity, and small oil consumption, reducing the pollution of concrete by grease.

3. Multiple sealing system
Multiple shaft end and wind pressure sealing protection device can effectively prevent slurry leakage; One piece shaft mixing design, shorten the connection length of reducer box, more stable operation.

4. Hydraulic drive system
JS3000 mixer hydraulic drive equipment, to avoid the pneumatic door unloading due to pneumatic shortage of the mixer can not be unloaded, and set removable unloading manual operation lever, in the temporary power outage when the emergency unloading and cylinder failure does not affect the unloading.


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