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JS1000 Concrete Mixer

Theoretical Capacity:50m3/h
Total Power:51kw
Applicable Scenarios:Lifting hopper or belt conveyor
Applicable Materials:2.5m*2.2m*1.9m

JS1000 forced concrete mixer, also called 1-square mixer, is a series of double horizontal shaft forced mixer with the theoretical productivity of 60m3/h. It is mostly used in HZS50 mixing plant and HZS60 mixing plant as the main mixing machine. It can be used for the mixing of dry hard, plastic light aggregate concrete and various kinds of mortar and slurry. It is suitable for various construction projects and large and medium-sized prefabricated component plants.

JS1000 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is composed of feeding, mixing, discharging, water supply, electrical, cover, chassis, outrigger gear, etc. JS1000 concrete mixer is a spatially interrupted spiral belt structure with mixing blades on two mixing shafts, which can produce three-dimensional mixing effect along the radial and axial directions, forming a comprehensive effect of pushing, rolling and squeezing on materials, achieving high homogeneous mixing effect with short time and low energy consumption. The mixing effect of high homogeneity is completed with short time and low energy consumption.

Feeding Capacity1600L
Discharge Capacity1000L
Max Aggregate Size80 mm
Support leg5m standard (can be customized)
Discharging height4.1m standard (can be customized)
Mixing Motor Power2*18.5 KW, Y225S-4, cycloidal pinwheel gear box
Mixing Blade2*8 pcs
Lifting Motor Power11 KW,  YEZ160S-4
Water Pump Power3kw  KQW65-100(I)
Discharging mechanismPneumatic cylinder, and air compressor equipped
Mixing Speed25r/min
Overall Weight8,600 kg

1. High efficiency
The mixing blade is more than double than the ordinary double horizontal shaft mixer, the outer ring screw belt drives the material in the barrel to form a boiling state of material flow, the inner ring shovel blade for radial shear, the combination of the two in a short period of time to achieve a violent and full mixing of materials.

2. Energy saving
It adopts large space and low volume utilization rate design at no cost, spacious space makes mixing easier; the outer spiral blades continuously push the material as a whole to form a high-speed circulation, small impact load and low energy consumption; after strict comparison test, it can save more than 15% energy compared with the traditional mixing host.

3. Durable
The blade adopts high chromium alloy wear-resistant cast iron, coupled with the perfect mixing device to improve the material flow and reduce the friction and impact of sand and gravel materials on the blade, the service life can exceed 60,000 tank times. The liner plate adopts trapezoidal design, and the service life can exceed 70,000 tank times under the premise of maintenance and adjustment according to the specification.

4. Widely used occasions
It can be used with mixing plant and trailer pump, and also can be used as a single machine.


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