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JBS40-10-45 Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Theoretical Capacity:40m3/h
Total Power:45kw
Applicable Scenarios:Construction sites, buildings, road and bridge projects, railways, highways and precast plants producing concrete products etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, pebbles, stones, cement, fly ash, additives etc.

Concrete mixer with pump is our latest patented product, which is a combination of traditional concrete pump and mixer, most suitable for four to six-story buildings, especially for group buildings, bridges, and small buildings distributed on the site where concrete mixer is needed. The actual vertical height of pumped concrete can reach 80-100 meters, and the horizontal distance is 150-300 meters.

Concrete mixer and pump are combined into one, easy to operate, easy to move, flexible and stable performance. The use of fully automated, full mixing, high-pressure pumping as one pump construction operation system; double-cylinder hydraulic pumping system, greatly improving the overall reliability of the concrete pump, to ensure that the pump strives for infallibility under adverse conditions.



Whole performance of machineOverall performanceMax. theo. concrete outputm3/h40
Agitation maximum rated feedL500
Agitation maximum rated feedL450
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa10
Distribution valve typeS Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmФ180×1100
Hopper capacityL550
Outlet diametermmФ150
Power systempower systemWinding motor power   kw               5.5
Stir the motorPowerkw               4.5
Water pump motor powekw               0.55
Electrical engineering powerkW45
Rotate speedr/min1480
Hydraulic systemHydraulic systemCircuit typeOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMPa28
Mixing system pressureMPa6-8
Capacity of oil tankL370
The biggest transportation is away from vertically (/Level)m          120/500
Other parametersotherMax. aggregate diametermmScree: 40 50
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmФ125
Total weightkg4500

1. Hydraulic system
Adopt double pump, double circuit open hydraulic system, the main pumping oil circuit and S valve swing oil circuit are independent of each other, so that the system is simple, the life of the components is extended, the reliability is higher, and it is easy to judge and troubleshoot.

2. Electric control system
Compared with similar products in China, the electric control system is the simplest, with the least number of components and the highest reliability. Equipped with wired remote control device, convenient for long-distance operation.

3. Mechanical system
The mixing mechanism adopts a unique structure form, which completely isolates the hydraulic motor from the mixing bearing seat, so that even if the mixing seal wears and leaks the slurry, it does not affect the hydraulic motor. At the same time, the large displacement motor is used to ensure that the mixing torque is large enough, so that the mixing can be normal without being stuck even under the poor material condition.

4. Cooling system
Adopt forced air-cooled large radiator device to ensure that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 70℃, so as to guarantee the normal working condition of the hydraulic system of the main machine.


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