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HBTS90-18-176R Trailer Concrete Pump

Theoretical Capacity:90m3/h
Total Power:176kw
Applicable Scenarios:Construction sites, buildings, road and bridge projects, railways, highways and precast plants producing concrete products etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, pebbles, stones, cement, fly ash, additives etc.

Diesel trailer pumps, also known as trailer-mounted trailer concrete pump or concrete trailer pumps, are concrete pumps mounted on mobile trailers for the flexible delivery of concrete to hard-to-reach places. QIC brand new generation concrete pump trailers are specially designed and manufactured with the latest differential pressure sensing control technology to maintain reliability, simplicity and efficiency. Output can reach up to 90m3/h and pumping distances of 300-1200 meters.

The main components of our concrete pump trailers such as wear plates, pistons, cylinders, discharge ports and hoppers are manufactured using wear-resistant high-chrome alloy materials, rigorous welding and heat treatment processes. Our concrete trailer pumps are equipped with advanced hydraulic system, which can be driven by diesel or electric motor for your choice.
With the features of energy saving, high flow rate, wide adaptability, high efficiency, good wear resistance and easy operation, it is widely used for concrete pumping in housing construction, elevated road, bridge or tunnel construction projects.

Items Units Parameters
Whole performance of machine Max. theo. concrete output m3/h 95/55
Max.concrete pumping pressure MPa 18/9.3
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm Ф200×1800
Hopper capacity×feeding height L×mm 800×1400
Outlet diameter mm Ф180
Power system Electrical engineering model DEUTZ
Electrical engineering power kW 176
Rotate speed r/min 2200
Hydraulic system Circuit type Open circuit
Pumping system pressure MPa 32
Mixing system pressure MPa 8
Capacity of oil tank L 580
The biggest transportation is away from vertically (/Level) m        360/1200
Other parameters Max. aggregate diameter mm Slick scree: 50、Scree: 40
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm Ф125
Dimensions:length×width×height mm 6000X2200×2250
Total weight kg 6500

1.Schwing switch-over control technology
Full integration of the Schwing switch-over control technology, switching signal extraction and control is completely completed by the hydraulic pressure, avoiding frequent electrical contact and unreliability brought about by the harsh environment, reducing the maintenance costs of customers later.

2.No change of direction buffer technology
The use of the industry’s unique non-conversion buffer technology, pump displacement remains unchanged when the pump changes direction, the main system low-pressure unloading, completely avoiding long changeover time, large changeover impact, low pump service life and other problems caused by frequent changes in displacement during the traditional reversing process.

3.Equivalent bending moment design
The use of equivalent bending moment design, uniform force, reliable sealing, greatly extending the service life of the bearing collar, glasses wear plate, cutting ring. The feature of unilateral wear makes the theoretical service life of rock valve twice as high as that of S valve.

4.Hydraulic oil cleanliness
The system ensures the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, thus improving the operational reliability of the hydraulic system, pumps and other hydraulic components.


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