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HBTS80-13-129R Trailer Concrete Pump

Theoretical Capacity:80m3/h
Total Power:129kw
Applicable Scenarios:Construction sites, buildings, road and bridge projects, railways, highways and precast plants producing concrete products etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, pebbles, stones, cement, fly ash, additives etc.

Trailer concrete pump is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipes. It is mainly used in house construction, bridges and tunnel construction. Construction continuity ensures construction efficiency and reduces costs. Pumped concrete is not easy to separate, which better guarantees the quality of concrete and meets the requirements of engineering construction. The 80m3/h diesel mobile concrete pump can be pumped large and long distances through the conveying pipeline.

Whole performance of machineMax. theo. concrete outputm3/h80
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa13
Distribution valve typeS Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmФ200×1800
Hopper capacity×feeding heightL×mm680×1400
Outlet diametermmФ180
Power systemElectrical engineering modelY225M-3
Electrical engineering powerkW129
Rotate speedr/min2200
Hydraulic systemCircuit typeOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMPa32
Mixing system pressureMPa6-8
Capacity of oil tankL580
The biggest transportation is away from vertically (/Level)m        190/800
Other parametersMax. aggregate diametermm Slick scree: 50;Scree: 40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmФ125
Total weightkg6480

1. Reliable machine
The dual-pump, dual-circuit open hydraulic system makes the system simple, the component life is extended, the reliability is higher, and the fault is judged and eliminated.

2. Easy operation and maintenance
It has anti-pump function, which is good for eliminating plugging faults in time and can be stopped for a short time.

3. Long lifetime spare parts
Wear-resistant alloy glasses plate and floating cutting ring for long life. The maximum life of the glasses board can reach up to 30,000 square meters.

4. Automatic control system
The outstanding features of the concrete pump electronic control system: advanced technology, simple, and high reliability. With remote control, the operation is more secure and convenient.


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