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50t/h Large Scale Dry Mortar Plant

Theoretical Capacity:50 T/h
Total Power:225kw
Applicable Scenarios:Produce various dry powder mortars such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, putty powder, gypsum mortar, tile adhesive etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, cement, additives, fiber etc.

The intelligent continuous dry mortar production line independently developed by QIC company, through the specially designed dynamic metering system, three-stage forced mixing system and computer control system, realizes continuous feeding, continuous metering, continuous mixing and continuous discharging, overturning the traditional intermittent high-power mixing production method, with a high production efficiency of 50-100 tons per hour.

1.Excellent mixing performance, targeted green environmental protection equipment.
2.Accurate, stable and reliable metering system, meet different raw material feeding methods.
3.Efficient, energy-saving, reliable drying system, dry sand probability sieve in cooperation with European experts, accurate, durable and stable.
4.Finished product solutions to meet different needs, reliable and stable humanized double computer synchronous control system.

Structure StyleAnnual ProductionModelMixer SpecificationsTheoretic Productivity
Standard ConfigurationMinimum Configuration
Tower type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSTL40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSTL60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSTL80BLDH4500WSH1200080
200k+50k TonsHSTL40CLDH2000/+LDH600WSH6000+LDH60040+10
300k+50k TonsHSTL60CLDH3000+LDH600WSH10000+LDH60060+10
400k+50k TonsHSTL80CLDH4500+LDH1600WSH10000+LDH60080+10
Stair type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSTL40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSTL60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSTL80BLDH4500WSH1200080
200k+50k TonsHSJZ40CLDH2000/+LDH600WSH6000+LDH60040+10
300k+50k TonsHSJZ60CLDH3000+LDH600WSH10000+LDH60060+10
400k+50k TonsHSJZ80CLDH4500+LDH1600WSH10000+LDH60080+10
Block type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSLZ40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSLZ60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSLZ80BLDH4500WSH1200080
Flat type dry mortar
production line

(No grading of sand)
200k TonsHSZ40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSZ60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSZ80BLDH4500WSH1200080
Note: The annual production in this table refers to ordinary mortar, according to 16 working hours per day, 300 days a year. The standard configuration adopts LDH coulter type mixer as main engine, and the minimum configuration adopts WSH dual shaft agravic paddle mixer.

1. Precise measurement
According to the ratio of several kinds of raw materials are fed at the same time, dynamic measurement, automatic correction of deviation, the weight error is less than 0.5%, sampling at any point in time, the ratio is consistent, fully meet the production process requirements of various types of ordinary mortar.

2. The control system is very high in intelligence
The operation status image of the equipment is reflected on the operation interface in time, and the production situation in a year is automatically recorded, with the function of automatic alarm for failure, automatic stop, automatic display of failure point and troubleshooting method, so that the product produced will not be unqualified because of a motor failure or a raw material failure. The equipment completely realizes intelligent control. A set of equipment can be operated and controlled by only one person.

3. The equipment configuration is relatively high, stable production, less failure
The core parts of the equipment are all produced by the company itself, the general equipment spiral, bucket lift, reducer, sensor, material level meter, air compressor and key parts of the motor configuration are brand products, the quality of the equipment is stable and reliable.

4. The plough mixer with invention patent
The plough mixer has uniformity of mixing, no residue of material, almost no error in each batch, and high efficiency. The barrel body is made of high quality alloy and wear-resistant steel plate, and the stirring paddle is made of wear-resistant alloy with special technology, which is easy to replace, and the gap between the pulp blade and the barrel body is even. Large angle discharge door mechanism has multiple sealing protection devices, configured with mechanical self-locking mechanism, reliable operation without material leakage.


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