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5-8 T/h Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

Theoretical Capacity:5-8 T/h
Total Power:23.5kw
Applicable Scenarios:Produce various dry powder mortars such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, putty powder, gypsum mortar, tile adhesive etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, cement, additives, fiber etc.

Dry-mixed mortar refers to a dry powdered material mixed in a certain proportion of cement, dry aggregate or powder, additives and other components determined by performance, and mixed with water or supporting components in the specified proportion at the place of use. Additionally equipped with secondary screw conveying system, finished product storage silo, automatic packing machine based on multi spiral ribbon mixer, to composed an efficient and reasonable simple dry powder mortar mixer with low cost.

Mixing time15-20min/batch15-20min/batch15-20min/batch
Feeding conveyor power3kw4kw4kw
Second conveyor power4kw4kw5.5kw
Packing machine power3kw3kw3kw
Packing efficiency6-8 bags/minute6-8 bags/minute6-8 bags/minute
Total power19.5kw24kw28kw
Worker required2-3workers2-3workers2-3workers



1. Modular structure
The dry mortar production line design in modular structure which has great advantages in transportation and easy installation, saving labor cost can realize fast installation.

2. Highly mixing system
Tile mixer machine is horizontal spiral ribbon mixer, has three layer inside and outside, can produce different kinds mortars. The tank is equipped with a moving door to easy to clear up, Can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless steel mixer according to customer required.

3. Easy operation and save labors
Small footprint, ordinary houses can build the factories. Easy to installation, 2-3 people can make it.

4. Automatic packing
The packaged finished products are directly transported to the storage area through the screw conveyor, which reduces the heavy handling of workers and improves work efficiency.


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