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10t/h Middle Dry Mortar Production Line

Theoretical Capacity:10 T/h
Total Power:45kw
Applicable Scenarios:Produce various dry powder mortars such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, putty powder, gypsum mortar, tile adhesive etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, cement, additives, fiber etc.

Automatic dry mortar production line is used for producing dry mortar with capacity of 10-12t/h, Which is based on the latest design concept in Europe, this production adopts the advanced computer auto-control system, whose production capacity can reach 30-36 thousand tons per year depend on the system configuration. Dry mortar plant can meet the production needs of dry mortar with different performance requirements. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, mortar required for thermal insulation system, decorative mortar and other dry powder mortars.

Structure StyleAnnual ProductionModelMixer SpecificationsTheoretic Productivity
Standard ConfigurationMinimum Configuration
Tower type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSTL40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSTL60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSTL80BLDH4500WSH1200080
200k+50k TonsHSTL40CLDH2000/+LDH600WSH6000+LDH60040+10
300k+50k TonsHSTL60CLDH3000+LDH600WSH10000+LDH60060+10
400k+50k TonsHSTL80CLDH4500+LDH1600WSH10000+LDH60080+10
Stair type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSTL40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSTL60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSTL80BLDH4500WSH1200080
200k+50k TonsHSJZ40CLDH2000/+LDH600WSH6000+LDH60040+10
300k+50k TonsHSJZ60CLDH3000+LDH600WSH10000+LDH60060+10
400k+50k TonsHSJZ80CLDH4500+LDH1600WSH10000+LDH60080+10
Block type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSLZ40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSLZ60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSLZ80BLDH4500WSH1200080
Flat type dry mortar
production line

(No grading of sand)
200k TonsHSZ40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSZ60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSZ80BLDH4500WSH1200080
Note: The annual production in this table refers to ordinary mortar, according to 16 working hours per day, 300 days a year. The standard configuration adopts LDH coulter type mixer as main engine, and the minimum configuration adopts WSH dual shaft agravic paddle mixer.

1. Modular structure
The dry mortar production line design in modular structure which has great advantages in transportation and easy installation. The use of tower layout structure, shorten the transmission distance and increase production efficiency.

2. Highly mixing system
This twin shaft paddle mixer have the characters of high mixing speed, high uniformity, less power consumption. Adopts a new generation of double-shaft zero-gravity mixer, reasonable design, high efficiency and energy saving, wear-resistant and durable, and good mixing effect.

3. Automatic weighing system
The automatic batching system that greatly saves manpower and material resources. Input the weight of each raw materials accordingly to the formulation, high precision, reduce weighing error,save labor cost, improve the output.

4. Automatic packing
The Impulse dust collector is mainly designed for dry mortar machine dust collecting, can realize automatic dust remove. This dust collector has the characteristics of large ash removal kinetic energy and high ash removal efficiency, improve the work environment in the working area.


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