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20t/h Middle Scale Dry Mortar Plant

Theoretical Capacity:20 T/h
Total Power:95kw
Applicable Scenarios:Produce various dry powder mortars such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, putty powder, gypsum mortar, tile adhesive etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, cement, additives, fiber etc.

QIC 20T/h dry powder mortar plant is composed of drying system or sand making system, raw material storage system, batching system, small material adding system, mixing system, finished product storage system, bulk or bag system, dust removal system, electric control system, etc. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. It is suitable for the production of plastering mortar, masonry mortar, putty powder, tile adhesive, plastering gypsum and other products.

Working principle of QIC 20T/h dry mortar plant
The bulk truck drives the bulk cement and fly ash into the raw material silo. Light calcium, heavy calcium, sand, small materials, etc. are lifted into the raw material silo through the bucket elevator, and the clever material distribution system supports the distribution operation of a bucket elevator, thereby avoiding waste of resources. With the cooperation of the metering screw, the metering system introduces the raw materials in the silo into the metering silo, and realizes the metering of the raw materials through the data feedback of the sensor. The measured materials are guided into the bucket elevator of the main building through the screw conveyor, and lifted to the upper part of the mixer to be mixed. The to-be-mixed silo is a pneumatic wide-open type, which can quickly put the to-be-mixed material into the gravity-free mixer to achieve continuous production of dry powder mortar.

Structure StyleAnnual ProductionModelMixer SpecificationsTheoretic Productivity
Standard ConfigurationMinimum Configuration
Tower type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSTL40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSTL60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSTL80BLDH4500WSH1200080
200k+50k TonsHSTL40CLDH2000/+LDH600WSH6000+LDH60040+10
300k+50k TonsHSTL60CLDH3000+LDH600WSH10000+LDH60060+10
400k+50k TonsHSTL80CLDH4500+LDH1600WSH10000+LDH60080+10
Stair type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSTL40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSTL60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSTL80BLDH4500WSH1200080
200k+50k TonsHSJZ40CLDH2000/+LDH600WSH6000+LDH60040+10
300k+50k TonsHSJZ60CLDH3000+LDH600WSH10000+LDH60060+10
400k+50k TonsHSJZ80CLDH4500+LDH1600WSH10000+LDH60080+10
Block type dry mortar
production line
200k TonsHSLZ40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSLZ60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSLZ80BLDH4500WSH1200080
Flat type dry mortar
production line

(No grading of sand)
200k TonsHSZ40BLDH2000WSH600040
300k TonsHSZ60BLDH3000WSH1000060
400k TonsHSZ80BLDH4500WSH1200080
Note: The annual production in this table refers to ordinary mortar, according to 16 working hours per day, 300 days a year. The standard configuration adopts LDH coulter type mixer as main engine, and the minimum configuration adopts WSH dual shaft agravic paddle mixer.

1. High cost effective
It is a production project for external wall insulation and decorative mortar, which not only has low investment and high efficiency, but also avoids idle equipment and waste of resources caused by excessive investment.​​

2. Good dispersion
The interior of the mixer adopts a unique structural design, which can effectively disperse polypropylene fibers and wood fibers, and completely solve the problems of segregation and secondary fiber agglomeration caused by the specific gravity of the material.​​

3. Wide range of use
The equipment can meet the production needs of dry mortar with the same performance requirements. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, mortar required for thermal insulation system, decorative mortar and other dry mortar.​

4. The mixing uniformity is above 99%
The mortar can be mixed well in about 1-3 minutes. It has the unique mixing principle and mixer design to reduce energy consumption on the basis of mixing quality and high efficiency.


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