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1-5 T/h Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

Theoretical Capacity:1-5 T/h
Total Power:18kw
Applicable Scenarios:Produce various dry powder mortars such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, putty powder, gypsum mortar, tile adhesive etc.
Applicable Materials:sand, cement, additives, fiber etc.

The simple dry powder mortar production line consists of primary conveyor, a mixing host, a secondary conveyor, control cabinet, finished product bin and packaging machine. When working, the materials are sent through the primary feeding conveyor to the mixer, and then sent into the finished product bin by the secondary conveyor after mixing, and then packaged by the packaging machine.

Mixing time15-20min/batch15-20min/batch15-20min/batch
Feeding conveyor power3kw4kw4kw
Second conveyor power4kw4kw5.5kw
Packing machine power3kw3kw3kw
Packing efficiency6-8 bags/minute6-8 bags/minute6-8 bags/minute
Total power19.5kw24kw28kw
Worker required2-3workers2-3workers2-3workers



1. Small occupy area and low cost
The whole line occupies a small area and is convenient for investors to use and place, no need to especially build the factory.

2. High quality mortars
It can be widely used to produce numerous kinds of mortars , such as polymer insulation cracking mortar , bonding mortar , putty powder for exterior wall , paint and gypsum , etc.

3. Easy operation and save labors
The dry mortar production line is with good sealing, little dust and environment friendly. 2~3 workers are enough to run the whole plant, it is easy to operate and high output.

4. Highly mixing system
The horizontal multi-spiral belt mixer makes the inner and outer spiral belts turn over the material in a wider range through the high-speed rotation of the stirring shaft. The material is quickly and uniformly mixed in a short time.


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