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Working principle of dry mortar mix plant line


The dry mortar mix plant line is steel frame structure is usually used, and the typical method is to lift the raw materials (sand, cement, fly ash, additives, pigments, polymers, short fibers) into large storage tanks using pneumatic tank trucks and bucket elevators, and then automatic dosing from top to bottom and mixing, and the mixed material is the finished product. Products are packaged at the warehouse of finished products on packing scales or shipped to consumers in bulk by tankers. Due to the large amount of product, this production line requires a large capacity, and due to the use of more sand particles, the equipment requirements are also higher, and the equipment configuration requires a sand drying device.

The high-rise steel frame principle is the main method of the conventional dry mortar mix plant line. The production is automated, the production process is controlled by tools or computers, and the ingredients are accurate. Many large Chinese and foreign enterprises use this production. line.

Working principle of dry mortar mix plant line

Laminated steel frame production line: The raw material from the silo is sent to the batching scale located on the ground by a screw conveyor for measurement. After the measurement is completed, the batching scale will unload the material, and then send it to the mixer through the elevator. placed in the finished goods warehouse and then packed The machine is packed from the factory. This structure has low investment and does not require personnel to operate the platform.

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