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What are the characteristics of simple concrete batching plant?


Concrete batching plants can be divided into engineering concrete batching plants and commercial concrete batching plants. Commercial mixing plants are used for the production and sale of concrete materials, so the configuration is generally higher, while engineering mixing plants are used in engineering construction, with relatively low configuration and simple structure, and are also called simple concrete mixing plants. So, why is the structure of the engineering concrete batching plant simple?

Engineering concrete batching plants are generally produced for one or several projects, and the types of cement used are relatively small, so there is no need to configure as many cement tanks as commercial mixing stations to store cement of different labels. , Most of the engineering stations adopt a relatively simple structure mode, there is no external packaging and the like, and the configuration is relatively low, which saves equipment costs and facilitates maintenance.

What are the characteristics of simple concrete batching plant?

Although the engineering concrete mixing plant is relatively simple, it is also divided into two types: single station and double station. A single station is a single set of production lines, and a double station is that two sets of concrete production lines can be produced at the same time. This is because some projects have relatively high requirements for the continuity of concrete construction. If the equipment fails during the production process, it will easily affect the construction progress of the project or cause engineering problems. Therefore, the dual-station mode can be effectively avoided. such an accident.

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