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Summary of the operation sequence of the concrete batching and mixing plant


There are mechanical principles such as mutual matching ratio and upper and lower difference between machines. A reasonable mechanical principle is the main basis for giving full play to the machine’s own capabilities. Therefore, a set of concrete batching and mixing plant can maximize the output based on the reasonable mechanical principles of concrete batching plants.
The concrete mixing plant is divided into four parts: sand and gravel feeding, powder feeding (cement, coal ash, mineral powder, etc.), water and concrete admixture feeding, conveying mixing and storage.

First, the working content process of the mixing station
1. After the automatic control system of the mixer is powered on, enter the operation page
2. The system software carries out the reset solution, mainly including formula label, concrete grade, slump, production volume, etc.
3. Carry out inspection of each hopper and measurement according to weighing, export empty material or material full data signal, and prompt the operating staff whether to run the mixing management program
4. Running the sand and stone drive belt electric drum into the metering bucket
5. Open the butterfly valve of coal ash and cement silo
6. The motor running the screw machine transports coal ash and cement to the measuring and verification bucket
7. Open the pressure regulating valve of the water and concrete admixture tank to inject water and concrete admixture into the metering and verification bucket
8. After the measurement reaches the set requirements, open the measurement verification bucket door.
9. The ingredients are mixed into the running mixer, and the mixer door is opened at the set time period, and the concrete enters the mixer truck that has been receiving materials.
Each device has a power switch sequence, and if there is improper operation, it will cause a lot of inconvenience.
The power switch sequence of the concrete batching and mixing plant is very critical. If the operation is improper, the production of the concrete batching and mixing plant will be stopped, and the equipment will be simmered, which will affect the production progress.

Summary of the operation sequence of the concrete batching and mixing plant

Second, Common problems in operating concrete batching and mixing plant
1. Before starting, a series of spare parts of the concrete mixing station should be checked, including unsalted butter and oil. At the same time, before starting, check the water valve switch-centrifugal water pump and water intake pipe-air compressor to open the storage hopper door – Turn on the unloading drive belt – Turn on the mixing server – Turn on the feeding drive belt and turn on the ingredients (including powder-cement) – Turn on the power supply switch and other work inspections before operations.
2. The switching sequence when the concrete batching plant starts to work. Ingredients (including pellets, cement) are turned off, water supply is turned off, material is turned off (the belt has no material stored), the mixer is turned off (no material is stored in the mixer tank), the discharge belt is turned off (the belt has no material stored), the storage bin door is turned off, and the air compressor is turned off Clean the closed water valve of the mixing tank and turn off the main power supply.
The sequence of these operations is very important. If the operation is not done properly, for example, if you are mixing materials in the main mixer, when you shut down the machine, the concrete will be blocked in the main mixer.
Mixer operators must go through study and training to understand the structure and performance of the unit’s mixing system, operating procedures, be familiar with safe operation and technical specifications, be familiar with the basic operation of computers, and have a basic understanding of the quality requirements of concrete and the main properties, specifications and functions of raw materials. And after passing the actual assessment of the higher-level company, they can take up the job.

Third, the precautions after work
1. After the operation, when the equipment operator receives the notice of cleaning or maintenance, he should cut off the power supply of the equipment, lock the key switch of the mixer, pull out the key, and lock the doors and windows of the operating room at the same time, and then notify the cleaning or maintenance personnel to clean or repair.
2. The cleaning staff will close the gate of the bulk cement tank and transport all the cement in the spiral pipe out. Clean the mixing drum, the discharge door and the discharge hopper, and rinse with water, and at the same time rinse the additive and its supply system. The knife seat and knife edge of the weighing system should be cleaned and the weighing accuracy should be ensured. Do not leave any cement in the tube.
3. In the freezing season, the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank should be drained, and the water pump and additive pump should be started to run for 1-2 minutes.
4. Maintain the machinery, add lubricating oil to each lubricating point, and oil the parts to be protected to prevent rust.

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