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Summary of the advantages of concrete


With the rapid development of society, the number of civil buildings and public buildings continues to increase, and concrete has been widely used as an important civil construction material. The fundamental reason for the widespread use of concrete is its many Advantages of Concrete

1. Wide range of material sources
The sand and stone, which account for more than 80% of the entire volume of the concrete, are sourced locally, which are rich in resources and effectively reduce the production cost.
2. The performance can be adjusted in a large range
According to the functional requirements of use, changing the material mix ratio and construction process of concrete can adjust the strength, thermal insulation and heat resistance, durability and process performance of concrete within a considerable range.

Summary of the advantages of concrete

3. Good plasticity before hardening
The excellent plastic formability of mixed concrete makes the concrete adapt to the construction requirements of various structural components with complex shapes.
4. The construction process is simple and changeable
Concrete can be easily placed manually. It can also flexibly adopt construction methods such as pumping, spraying, and underwater according to the characteristics of different engineering environments.
5. Available steel reinforcement
Although steel and concrete are two materials with very different properties, they have nearly equal coefficients of linear expansion, allowing them to work together. It makes up for the shortcomings of low tensile strength of concrete and expands its application range.

6. Have high strength and durability
The compressive strength of modern high-strength concrete can reach more than 100MPa, and it has high impermeability, frost resistance, corrosion resistance and carbonization resistance, and its durability can reach more than hundreds of years.
7. Has significant ecological and environmental benefits
Concrete has found a good destination for a large amount of volcanic ash, fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc., effectively preventing the environmental pollution caused by these by-products, and has significant ecological and environmental benefits.

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