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Precautions when adjusting the position of the small concrete mixer


In actual use, the small concrete mixer can be moved according to the circumstances of the construction site, but moving the small concrete mixer is not as simple as moving the mixer from one place to another. Mixer reuse. How to properly move the mixer is explained to most users.

before moving
Stop the small concrete mixer from working, unplug the power supply after the mixing blades completely stop, clean the mixer, and do some maintenance on the mixer to ensure the quality and safety of the mixer.

Precautions when adjusting the position of the small concrete mixer

while moving
1. short distance movement
You can push the mixer directly when moving the concrete mixer over short distances. When pushing, you need to pay attention to the speed. It shouldn’t be too fast, and you can walk according to the requirements of the manual. Be sure to pay attention to stability when moving the mixer. The mixer is unstable and cannot be overturned in the process of moving, so be careful not to collide with the mixer and pay more attention to safety.
2. Long distance travel
When moving the small concrete mixer over long distances, a transport vehicle is required, and the mixer must be loaded onto the transport vehicle. When lifting, be sure to check the hoisting tool for potential safety hazards and properly engage the hoist. Connect the wires to the concrete mixer. When lifting slowly, the speed should be stable, and the hoisting should be stable. When hoisting, be careful not to stand underneath and place it on the transport vehicle slowly. After putting it on the transport vehicle, it must be stable to avoid collision.

after moving
When moving the concrete mixer to a new location, the new location you choose to park the mixer should be level and solid and have good drainage around it.
Here are the precautions to take when moving the concrete mixer. If you have more questions, please keep looking at the QIC Group official website.

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