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How to solve the noise in the concrete batching and mixing plant


The concrete batching and mixing plant mainly consists of five main systems and auxiliary equipment, including a mixing host, material weighing system, material transportation system, material storage system, and control system. Cement mixer noise analysis needs to be processed. Cement mixer noise. Know how to make this sound.
Understand and analyze the working conditions of cement mixers, identify noise, friction noise, quivering noise, mixing cylinder noise, effects of mixing cylinder material, mixing equipment noise from internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine noise equipment, electrical equipment noise is also motor ..

If the material in the mixing bucket falls while running to height, it will make a strong noise. The gravel-to-gravel collision also has a significant effect. The two collision noises are an important part of the noise when the cement mixer operates.
The gear ring attached to the housing is a cast tooth, and the gear mounting error is large, so the meshing clearance of the gear is large. Tooth profile and mounting errors can only be caused by tooth profile and mounting errors by properly increasing the meshing clearance. This pair of gears is a spur gear with a small overlap factor and poor transmission smoothness.
Large meshing gaps, small overlap factors, and unbalanced mixer loads lead to increased gear transfer noise. This is primarily manifested as the sound of side collisions of the teeth and, in some cases, the sound of slipping on the surface of the teeth.

How to solve the noise in the concrete batching and mixing plant

The mixing cylinder is supported by four rollers, and the accuracy of the outer shaft of the large ring gear is determined by the accuracy of the four roller devices. Deviations occur between the four idlers, the deviations are large, the accuracy of the stirring tank and gearing device is low, and the accuracy of the mixing drum is low, resulting in poor rolling contact.
There are four backup rollers that need to maintain good shape as the loose rollers and the bearing surface of the mixing cylinder slip. If there is a shortage, slide between the mixing drum and the bearing roll. The unstable operation of the mixing drum does not match the idler pulley, resulting in high slip noise.

The noise of the internal combustion engine and the motor is the noise of the electric power equipment, and the noise of the internal combustion engine is much higher than the noise of the electric equipment. Internal combustion engines are particularly noisy due to the condition of the electrical equipment itself.

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