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How to maintain mobile concrete batching plant equipment


Mobile concrete batching plant equipment consists of mixing platforms, mixers, aggregate storage bins, aggregate weighing equipment, aggregate lifting equipment, water weighing equipment, cement weighing equipment, control rooms and more. Get up as a whole and easily transport, install, and debug.

So how to maintain the main configuration of mobile concrete batching plant equipment? With years of experience, QIC Group summarizes the following points for you:

1. Control system maintenance
Like the human brain, the mixed plant control system is one of the key equipment of the mixed plant, and the control system needs to be checked daily to find the problem and deal with it in time. .. In addition, the control system should be checked monthly to test the health of the relevant electronic components.
Second, maintenance of the concrete mixer
The concrete mixer reducer has been in use for 200 hours and needs to be replaced with lubricating oil. The lubricant is changed 500 hours after secondary use, and in normal production the lubricant is changed every 2500 hours. The oil pump checks daily to see if the grease actually reaches the shaft head.
After one cycle of operation of the mobile concrete batching plant, it is necessary to remove the mixing residue and clean the mixing shaft, mixing arm, and mixing blade. When cleaning by hand, do not use a hammer to remove mixed residues. A violent impact can damage the mixing blade. If the gap between the worn parts of the concrete mixer exceeds 8 mm, adjust the blades or replace the worn parts to adjust the gap to 5-8 mm.

How to maintain mobile concrete batching plant equipment

3. Maintenance of concrete batching machine
You need to check the concrete batching machine daily and clean up the debris on the screen in time. If there are large gaps during the inspection, the grinding should be adjusted in time. After adjusting to the critical position, if adjustment is required, the weld repair method can be used to adjust the gap.

4.maintenance of the screw conveyor
The equipment operator at the mixing station needs to check if the belt is moving in the center every day. If there is a gap, it should be adjusted in time to avoid skin damage. Check the effect of using the belt cleaner, and adjust or replace it. Make sure the cleaner is not clogged with rollers and drums in time. If you have stringent phenomena, you need to clean up in time. If the surface of the belt is damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the damage from spreading.
5.Cement silo maintenance
The operator of a concrete batch processing plant should inspect the cement silo every hour. If the silo pressure safety valve is ash, the safety valve and surrounding powder should be cleaned in time to prevent the powder from aggregating in the rain and disabling the safety valve. The safety valve is cleaned and inspected every six months.

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