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How to extend the service life of concrete silo


Cement silos are extremely convenient and easy-to-use material storage equipment for the machinery and equipment of concrete plants, and are trusted by many customers. However, many customers often overlook the most important points when enjoying the conveniences and benefits of cement silos. That is the daily maintenance of cement silos. Not everything can be done according to the actual operation of the cement silo. All you need to do is protect and maintain the concrete silo.
Follow the following small measures to maintain theconcrete silo to ensure the normal application of the concrete silo.

1. concrete silo anticorrosion cannot be ignored
concrete silo are generally made of thick steel plates and are painted and anticorrosive during manufacturing, but any comprehensive anticorrosion work is possible if exposed to the air for extended periods of time.Corrosion also occurs. This requires the customer to inspect the cement silo after using it for a period of time. If rust occurs, paint immediately so that the total area of corrosion does not increase.

How to extend the service life of concrete silo

2. concrete silo cleaning and internal and external integration
Cleaning the concrete silo is very important. Dust on the outer layer is very easy to clean. It can be thoroughly rinsed with tap water. If it takes time, it should be cleaned using special cleaning tools and cleaning. The tank should be cleaned carefully. There are ash removal equipment, arch destruction equipment, etc. When cleaning this device, it should be cleaned according to the instruction manual. Keep the points in mind when cleaning. It’s very easy. To clean the storage tank. After cleaning, don’t forget to wipe it to prevent the tank body from corroding.

3. Level gauge should be checked frequently
Material level gauges are an important component of concrete silos, and material levels are very likely to become inaccurate over time, so material level gauges should be checked frequently.
4. The dust collector is about safety
Dust collectors are cherished by everyone Regardless of the length of the dust collector, the dust collector becomes dust.Since the dust collector is packed with powdery granular raw materials, the dust inside the dust collector is inevitable and the dust collector can be avoided. Once blocked, it can lead to a storm. Customers should constantly check the dust collector to remove dust from the dust collector and make sure that the hex bolts are not loose.

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