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How to deal with the waste water of concrete batching and mixing plant


How to deal with the waste water and waste in the concrete batching and mixing plant has always been a problem. Casual discharge, not only waste, but also continue to cause environmental pollution. Nowadays, environmental protection is more and more important, so the treatment of waste water and waste is more and more urgent. A good concrete batching and mixing plant will gradually become standard in the solution of waste water and waste, and the overall planning must be done in the early stage of the construction of the batching plant.

Wastewater solution:

First, collect
It is possible to build a water storage tank and a flow water collection system that includes all concrete batching and mixing plant, whether it is water produced in manufacturing, water for tank cleaning, water for cleaning in and out of vehicles, water for road cleaning, water for environmental control gas sprayers, and precipitation Rain and snow need to be collected and put into underground storage tanks.
Second, purification treatment
Build a tertiary sedimentation tank. The water collected in the storage tank is graded and precipitated, and the fine sand is separated by precipitation, and the fine sand can be turned into the raw material of concrete after treatment. After sedimentation, it is filtered by grade classification, and finally the sludge is separated.
Third, reuse
To build a clear water pool. The clean water filtered by precipitation is stored in the pool. After testing, the production of concrete tap water is standardized, and then it is pumped out by a pressure pump for reuse.

How to deal with the waste water of concrete batching and mixing plant

Waste disposal:

The treatment of solid waste, solid waste is the inevitable output during the whole process of concrete production and discharge, or the unused concrete in the tanker, which is generally called solid waste.
The treatment of this kind of solid waste requires a professional sand and gravel separator. It is necessary to pulverize the already condensed concrete and then separate it. First, pulverize and separate the stones. The separated stones are discharged to the designated position through the stone outlet, waiting for the transportation equipment . The sand falls into the sand separation equipment through the separation drum, and is transported by the equipment to the designated sand falling point. The mud overflowing from the cleaning stones gradually settles and then enters the wastewater treatment system to start cleaning, separation, mud recycling or sand filter press circulation. The slag-water mixture cleaned by the tanker is separated by sand and gravel screening, and the sand and gravel are used for secondary use.
Finally, the water is drained, and the raw materials such as stones, sand, and cement slurry are brought back to the hopper for repeated use, so as to achieve waste recycling and reuse.

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