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Equipment operation management method of commercial concrete batching and mixing plant


The decision of the application management method of the equipment of the commercial concrete batching and mixing plant determines whether the high-quality, high-efficiency and economical concrete can be produced safely. Therefore, the concrete enterprise should pay attention to the application management method of the equipment. The main contents are as follows:

1. In terms of proper application, ensuring production safety, and improving the use value of production efficiency equipment, the key lies in the application link, which is the first step to determine the life cycle of the equipment. All mechanical equipment has certain application standards and specified application standards. Only when the application standards and conditions are met, the equipment can have a longer service life. Commercial concrete batching and mixing plant, transportation and engineering construction all have certain standards and requirements for the application of commercial concrete equipment, especially for concrete pumping. It will definitely cause the pump to jam and the pump to jam. pipe. In addition, the metrological verification regulations of mixing buildings (stations) and transport time of mixer trucks all stipulate the orderly application of commercial concrete batching and mixing plant to ensure production safety and achieve high-efficiency economic benefits.

Equipment operation management method of commercial concrete batching and mixing plant

2. Do a good maintenance job and improve the availability of mechanical equipment. Throughout the process of applying equipment, due to the operation of equipment, it will inevitably lead to continuous technical change. Commercial concrete equipment is at the extreme of working standards, and it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of abnormal conditions, such as looseness, damage, leakage, etc. If the dangerous factors of this type of equipment are not properly managed, on the one hand, it cannot work normally. For example, after the hydraulic seal of the concrete pump truck is damaged, the pumping working pressure will drop rapidly, so the pumping at a certain distance cannot be carried out; on the one hand, it will lead to major accidents. For example, if the brake system components of the “car” are not adjusted and repaired immediately after damage, this can lead to safety accidents. Do a good job in maintaining the equipment, such as inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, disassembling, repairing, etc., properly handling the problems that arise, improving the process conditions of equipment anytime and anywhere, prevent it from happening, and improve the availability of mechanical equipment, so as to ensure the extraordinary performance of mechanical equipment.

3. Strengthen spare parts management to ensure the normal operation of commercial concrete batching and mixing plant. There are many spare parts and many parts are imported. If the spare parts management cannot keep up, it will lead to stoppages and production stoppages. To strengthen the management of spare parts, it is necessary to open a separate warehouse for spare parts, and full-time staff are responsible for the efficient storage of spare parts. Parts management personnel should conduct a survey, use the probability method to statistically analyze the kinds of weak and fragile parts, and require professional and technical personnel to provide materials in this area, to ensure storage effective and material errors.
4. Renovation, the equipment should be renovated after a long time of use, that is, replace the mechanical equipment with old models, low productivity and high energy consumption, and replace it by mechanical equipment with excellent structure, sound technology, high efficiency, good characteristics and low power consumption. In the management mode of commercial concrete equipment, the renewal and transformation of equipment are generally not sufficiently taken into account. Is mainly manifested in the fact that the service life of the equipment is too long and the depreciation rate is slightly lower, which leads to the lack of the concept of upgrading the company’s equipment : in order to accelerate the enterprise’s technological innovation, environmental protection and equipment upgrade, and improve the initiative and economic benefits of the production and manufacturing field commercial concrete, it is proposed that government departments Relevant authorities refer to the service life of similar foreign models and reduce the service life of construction machinery and equipment from 12 years to 8 years (concrete mixer truck), 6 years (concrete pump truck) and 5 years (pump truck). The duration of use can also be specified according to the quantity of concrete produced.

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