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Development status and analysis of concrete batching and mixing plant industry


in the development of basic industries. As a building material industry, it can be said that commercial concrete has developed rapidly in the past ten years. At present, especially the concrete produced by commercial concrete batching and mixing plant has been widely used in major and medium cities and key projects around the world. The quality of the project has been improved again.

Concrete batching and mixing plant industry quality improvement
In the promotion and application of concrete, green concrete has become an important reform of the production mode of the construction industry. an important measure.
Although the development of commercial concrete has only lasted for more than 30 years, it has only been developed rapidly for more than ten years. First of all, the popularization and application of commercial concrete in some economically developed areas has developed rapidly, and the application of commercial concrete has accounted for more than 50% of all local concrete consumption.

Development status and analysis of concrete batching and mixing plant industry

The rapid development period of the concrete batching and mixing plant industry
According to the statistics of the Global Concrete Association, the data statistics are recorded from 1986 to 2010. According to the data, the global ready-mixed concrete production has been showing a good upward trend, and there has been no reversal in 15 years. The demand for concrete has been rising steadily.
According to expert analysis. In the wave of basic development, the continuous upward trend of global ready-mixed concrete production will continue for 10-15 years. Therefore, there are still good development opportunities in the development of concrete production enterprises. In particular, the production of green concrete has been recognized by the needs of social development.

Green concrete batching and mixing plant are widely recognized
With the rapid development of the concrete industry, the pollution problems associated with the production of concrete have also followed. In the past two years, some environmental protection departments have stepped up efforts to rectify all factors of pollution sources, and unlicensed small batching plants in most areas have been A large number of rectifications have been carried out, and the cement silo has been pushed to the next step. The country plans to rectify the small batching plant equipment, integrate it into one place, and establish large-scale batching plant equipment, environmental-friendly batching plant equipment, and low emission pollution. At present, large-scale environmental-friendly batching plant equipment It is more and more favored by investors. On the one hand, it adapts to the development of this trend. On the other hand, it is convenient and efficient, environmentally friendly, with high productivity and fast return on investment. Therefore, the future concrete industry will definitely be the world of environmentally friendly batching plant equipment.

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