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Concrete Batching And Mixing Plant Maintenance Guide


Since the specific structure of the concrete batching and mixing plant is different, only general instructions are given here, and special parts need to be maintained according to the instructions.
It should be pointed out that the dustproof of the concrete batching and mixing plant is particularly important. The accumulation of dust brings great inconvenience to the maintenance and repair of the concrete batching and mixing plant, which reduces the performance of all equipment, shortens the service life, and damages the lubrication. Therefore, the structure and principle should be considered. The top keeps dust generation low and requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance of mechanical parts
1. Maintenance and maintenance points of mixer and batching system:
a. Transmission system
Lubricating oil (grease) should be added to each transmission gear, reduction box, chain, etc. according to the regulations; the sound of the transmission part is normal, and the reduction box and bearing do not heat up or leak oil.
The triangle conveyor belt should be tight enough (the middle part can be pressed 10-15mm), and the middle part of the transmission chain should not sink more than 20mm.
The wire rope has no major wear, the chuck and the connection are firm, and the surface is lubricated with grease (graphite calcium base).
The performance of the brakes and clutches is good, and the brake pads should be replaced when they are worn to a certain extent.
b. Other lubricating parts
The shaft end seal of the mixer should be refueled every time the main engine is started or periodically to ensure the long-term normal operation of the oil seal structure.
Other refueling points such as the rotating wheels and rails should be refueled regularly.
c. Mixing system
Check whether the mixing drum is running smoothly, whether the lining plate and blade are loose, and replace it in time if it is damaged; when the lining plate, blade, scraper, mixing arm, etc. are worn to a certain degree or cannot be adjusted, they should be replaced in time.
Clean up the sticky concrete in the mixer in time or regularly. When the concrete on the inner wall of the mixer becomes thicker and thicker, not only the volume of the mixer will decrease, but also the speed of sticking the concrete will increase; Bonding makes the bucket door switch of the feeding port obstructed, and the cement feeding port will become smaller and smaller due to the bonding of water vapor, which will cause difficulty in feeding, so it should be cleaned regularly. The feeding pipeline of the admixture may slow down or cause blockage due to precipitation and solidification, and it should be cleaned regularly.
d. Installation, tightening and cleaning
The installation and connection of the main machine body and brackets, feeding brackets and other facilities should be firm, and all fasteners should be complete, aligned and firm; the body, site and operating room should be clean, and there should be no piles of cluttered items; no water accumulation around the foundation, Water storage in waterway during freezing season; tightening of vibration parts and connected parts.

Concrete Batching And Mixing Plant Maintenance Guide

Care and Maintenance of Water and Admixture Pathways
Water with more impurities will damage the seal of the pump. For mixing equipment measured by flow rate or time relay, unclean water sources may cause blockage of the waterway and inaccurate or out of control water measurement. To strictly control to meet the required standards.
When using the time relay to measure water, the installation position and sealing of the centrifugal pump have a great influence on the safety of water measurement and should be strictly controlled. During normal operation, the leakage of the water pump seal is less than 3-5 drops/min. When abnormality occurs, it should be repaired in time. After the production in the freezing season, the waterway and all the water in the storage tank should be cleaned.
In addition to the antifreeze in winter, the main problem of the admixture channel is the adhesion and sedimentation of the pipeline. If the pipeline design is unreasonable, the pipeline will easily become thin and blocked. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly; another aspect to pay attention to is that the admixture It is better to mix it with water for feeding, so that the distribution of the admixture in the concrete can be more uniform.

Maintenance and maintenance points of electrical control system
a. Lightning protection and grounding
The lightning protection of the mixing plant is very important in places with many thunderstorms. Regularly check the connection and corrosion of the lightning protection device. If necessary, measure the resistance of the lightning protection grounding; regularly check the safety grounding of the machine body and the anti-interference grounding of the system. Damaged should be repaired immediately.
b. Electrical connection
Regularly check the hidden dangers that hinder electrical facilities and lines, and fasten electrical connections; check the contacts and fixing of electrical components to make them contact and conduct well; outdoor connection parts should be protected against dust, moisture and safety.
c. Maintenance of weighing system
The weighing system includes sensors, connectors (or connecting parts), amplifiers, etc., and is a vital part of the mixing station. The protection points are as follows:
①, lightning protection, welding current burning;
②, do a good job of dustproof, moisture-proof and prevent various external damage;
③. Handle the connection part to make it firm and in good contact;
④, to prevent the overload of abnormal materials to damage it.
d. Electrical safety
All electrical facilities shall comply with safety regulations from design to installation; all electrical equipment shall have safety protection measures and safety signs, and all electrical equipment shall be protected by switches or insurances specified in the door.
e. Protection and inspection of open-air electrical equipment
All open-air electrical equipment such as motor terminals, travel switch wiring and contacts, etc., regularly check their electrical conditions to detect the sensitivity and reliability of their actions.

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