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Comparison of mobile concrete batching plant and traditional batching plant


With the continuous development of the construction machinery industry, the product equipment and technology of the concrete batching and mixing plant have made great progress. This article makes a comparison between the emerging mobile concrete batching plant and the traditional batching plant.

1. Online detection technology for moisture content in sand and gravel

Most conventional concrete batching and mixing plant adjust the formula according to the moisture content measured in the laboratory before manufacturing to achieve the accuracy of concrete proportions, but in actual production, the moisture content of the material will vary due to the storage method of the material, the weather and other reasons. Moisture content varies significantly during the same period or in different parts of the same period. The measurement methods and technologies of mobile concrete batching plant are becoming more and more mature, and the online technology of moisture content will be widely used.

Comparison of mobile concrete batching plant and traditional batching plant

2. Fast and convenient installation mode

Unlike traditional batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants adopt a semi-trailer design. The equipment is divided into two unit modules: an aggregate batch processing unit and a material mixing and conveying unit. The aggregate batch processing unit consists of two closely connected upper and lower towable vertical units, and the material mixing and conveying unit is a cement silo storage unit. It consists of two vertical devices that can be dragged and a weighing and stirring device, and the design and layout of each module is reasonable and classic. In addition to satisfying basic functions such as batching and stirring, mobile batching plants all emphasize modular design and quick and convenient installation.

In short, with the advancement of science and technology, continuous improvement of user requirements and the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the mobile concrete batching plant well reflects the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and simplicity. The mobile concrete batching plant produced and sold by QIC Group is of reliable quality and advanced technology. Welcome to inquiry and purchase.

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